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About Chowan:
Whites Crossing

“Hawks need a great place to nest and this will be a great nest.”
– NC Senator and Trustee of Chowan University, Edward Jones, in his congratulatory remarks

On October 19, 2011, Chowan University broke ground on Phase I of Whites Crossing, named for President and Mrs. White and their families. Phase I includes two suite-style apartment buildings with accommodations for 136 students to be completed by August 2012.

Whites Crossing Rendering

Whites Crossing Plan

Building One

The first building will house 48 total residents while featuring:

  • Three stories; red brick and stucco
  • Four premium suites per floor
  • Single occupancy bedrooms
  • Common living area
  • Full kitchen
  • Private laundry
  • Patio

Building Two

The second building will house 88 total residents and a resident director suite while featuring:

  • Three stories; red brick and stucco
  • Four suites per floor
  • Double occupancy bedrooms
  • Common living area
  • Kitchenette
  • Patio

“Whites Crossing” is named by the Board of Trustees in honor of President M. Christopher White, his wife Linda, and their sons and wives (Martin and Heather, and Andrew and Karen), as well as their five grandchildren.

Medium Whites Crossing Overhead View

Large Whites Crossing Overhead View

To download the PDF version of the architectural drawings click here.

“Chowan we will ever cherish, Love her ever more.”
– Congratulatory remarks from Mayor of Murfreesboro, John Hinton, quoting the Chowan University Alma Mater, written by Annie Elberton Abernathy, Class of 1890.  


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