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Academics: Awards

Honors College Student Association Awards

Honors College Student Association - The Truth is My LightHonors College Faculty Award - The Honors College Faculty Award recognizes a faculty member for exceptional dedication to Honors College students through teaching, advising, and mentoring
- David Ballew

Honors College Scholar Award - The Honors College Scholar Award is given to a member in recognition of exemplary academic achievement
- Jake Thornton

Student in Service Award - The Student in Service Award recognizes an Honors College member who has demonstrated exceptional motivation, innovation, and involvement in service to the university and the wider community
- Tonya Sinclair

Veritas Lux Mea Award - The Veritas Lux Mea Award recognizes exceptional contribution to the success of the Honors College Student Association
- Jennifer Humphrey

Brown Lady Award - The Brown Lady Award recognizes an Honors College member who most embodies the spirit of pride and loyalty in the university
- Nicola Khouri

1848 Award - The 1848 Award recognizes an Honors College member who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to the mission and vision of the university
- Kayla Brady

Outstanding Honors College Awards - The Outstanding Honors College Awards are presented to two members of each class in recognition of academic achievement, service to the university, and contribution to the program and association.

  • Outstanding Honors College Senior Award
    Lacey Wildeboer, Sally Zaghmout

  • Outstanding Honors College Junior Award
    Duane Murphy, Courtney Baker

  • Outstanding Honors College Sophomore Award
    Kristy Caldwell, Victor Chilaka

  • Outstanding Honors College Freshman Award
    Sarah Davis, Ammaris Jordan

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