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Friends of Teacher Education

The purpose for the Chowan Friends of Teacher Education (CFTE) is to provide scholarship assistance to students preparing to be teachers. The CFTE began in May 2008 when beneficent friends felt the need to help provide financial assistance for Teacher Education students. Out of their dream, vision, and commitment has come a passion for sharing in educating and preparing future teachers. Scholarship assistance is provided for students who are enrolled full-time and have been accepted into the Teacher Education program. Recipients must be students preparing to become teachers and have the highest ethical standards. To download the Teacher Education Scholarship Application as a PDF, click here.

Membership in the CFTE is open to dedicated individuals who are interested in and committed to helping students fulfill their calling to the teaching profession. For further information on becoming a member of the CFTE, contact the Dean of the School of Education at Chowan University at (252) 398-6304 or








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