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Academics: Theatre@Chowan

Do you like to act, work backstage, design sets, sound, costumes, or lights? If you answered "yes," then we invite you to get involved. Theatre@Chowan offers two plays per year open to all students, faculty, staff and the community.

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Drama is derivative from the Greek word meaning "to do," and at Chowan University, students have the opportunity to do it all. Students work backstage, onstage, and in various administrative capacities.

Theatre@Chowan is driven by a dual purpose. First, it exists to provide opportunities for artistic and creative expression as well as intellectual exploration. It allows students to discover their unique talents and foster their innate creative abilities.

Second, and more importantly, our purpose is to illuminate. By illumination, we mean:

To see. Theatre, like its sister arts, offers the opportunity to see things from a different perspective and to expand our awareness. It challenges what we think we know. Our ability to see things from another point-of-view offers us the opportunity to grow. Sometimes, whether we agree or disagree, our preconceptions must be questioned to stimulate learning.

To educate. Theatre is multidisciplinary. It has obvious ties to art, literature, and language, but it also allows us to learn about history, psychology, science, and religion. The theatre's impact relies on the interaction and interconnection of these subjects. It also promotes interpersonal communication and teamwork.

To enlighten...Theatre allows us to recognize our strengths and weaknesses as individuals, as well as, the common traits that define humanity. It engenders communication, creativity, problem-solving, and teamwork. Theatre has the ability to ignite our spirit and stir our souls.

Theatre@Chowan is more than just an extracurricular offering on campus, we desire to bring a distinctive cultural offering to the residents of Chowan University and to northeastern North Carolina and southeastern Virginia.  

Students have the opportunity to minor in drama or take classes in Drama Appreciation, Acting (Performance I), Advanced Acting (Performance II), Technical Theatre, Theatre Internship, Public Speaking, and Voice and Articulation.

The Chowan Players is the drama club on campus. Activities include road trips to see live plays, socials, impromptu performances, assisting with productions, fundraisers, and other fun activities that enhance the dramatic offerings on campus. Students can receive course credit each semester for participating onstage, offstage, or backstage in a Theatre@Chowan production.

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