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Academics: Upward Bound

Chowan University Upward Bound is a federally funded (U. S. Dept. of Education) program for high school students who want to continue their education beyond high school, but may not be doing well in their regular school setting. The Chowan University Upward Bound program works annually with high school students from Hertford, Bertie and Northampton Counties in the Roanoke-Chowan region of northeastern North Carolina. In the truest sense the name Upward Bound should be “College Bound” because the program is specifically designed to work with students who are seriously interested in attending college after graduation from high school, but who may be having difficulty understanding the process and getting their act together. Upward Bound at Chowan University offers its students a full range of instructional, tutorial and counseling services. The program at Chowan is purely academic and cultural in nature and is operated in two phases: a six week residential summer program on the Chowan campus; and an academic year program which runs the course of the whole school year and concurrently with your normal school classes and activities. The academic year program does not replace your normal school year.

During the summer students live on the Chowan University campus for six weeks and are enrolled in intense courses in math, science, writing, and English. The summer class format is designed along a college schedule. The summer residential program is difficult, but rewarding. During both the summer and academic year programs there are field trips to plays, museums, art galleries, historic sites, colleges and other educational-cultural events, activities and sites. Heavy emphasis is placed upon academic achievement and cultural awareness and exposure to the arts.

During the academic year the program requires students to meet on the Chowan campus for a number of times on Saturdays for writing skills classes. The Upward Bound counselor also meets with the students once a week in the target schools. The entire program does require a substantial time commitment from the student participants. We work intensively with Upward Bound seniors to ensure that they have varied and appropriate postsecondary options available to them and are able to secure, through financial aid, their education beyond high school. In the past ten (10) years, over 90% of all Chowan Upward Bound affiliated students have gone to the college of their choice.

We are seeking students who are ready now to make a commitment to their educational futures. There is no cost to students or their families. In fact, students receive a small stipend for participating. In order to be eligible, applicants must be first generation college students and have documented academic need (and promise) for the program. Applications are available through your high school guidance counselor and the Chowan University Upward Bound office. The Chowan University Upward Bound office telephone number is 252-398-6364.

Remember-this program requires a substantial time commitment; is purely academic and culturally oriented; and is both challenging and motivating, but the end results are worth it. We are seeking only those students who want to attend and graduate from college.

Project Upward Bound is a national program that began in 1966 under the administration of the United States of Economic Opportunity. Presently there are about 900 institutions of higher education in the United States that have Upward Bound programs serving over 30,000 students under the direction of the U. S. Department of Education. Chowan University has hosted an Upward Bound program since 1977 when it received its first Upward Bound grant. This (2013) is the 36th year of Upward Bound at Chowan University.


Chowan University
Howard University
Morgan State University
Fayetteville State University
Elizabeth City State Un.
UNC-Chapel Hill
Norfolk State University
Eastern Mennonite College
North Carolina Central Un.
Appalachian State Un.
Winston-Salem State Un.
North Carolina State Un.
Virginia State University
Florida State University
Duke University
Un. Of Houston
Hampton University
Paul Camp College
Un. Of Maryland
North Carolina Wesleyan
Morehouse College

Halifax Community College
East Carolina University
Shaw University
St. Augustine College
Livingstone College
Bennett College
Greensboro College
Elon University
Un. North Carolina A & T
Western Carolina University
Barton College
Roanoke-Chowan C. C.
Virginia Union University
Ohio State University
Spelman College
St. Paul’s College
Martin C. C.
Old Dominion Un.
Bowling Green Un.
Vanderbilt Un.


  • Dr. Arwin Smallwood, Ohio State, History Professor, Memphis State Un.
  • Felix Deloatch, ECSU & Ohio State, Architect, Washington, D. C.
  • Mrs. Ruth Casper, Chowan Un., Ass. Dir. of Fin. Aid, Chowan University
  • Mr. Tim Mitchell, Bowling Green Un., Industrial Engineer, Michigan
  • Dexter Harris, Barton College, Athletic Director, Northampton Co. NC
  • Ms. Tedra Pugh, Spellman & Vanderbuilt Un., Attorney, Huntersville, NC
  • Ms. Leslie Chambers, Howard Un., Attorney, San Francisco, Ca.
  • Alvin Murphy, Norfolk State, Diplomat, US State Dept., Wash., DC
  • Dr. Forrest McFeeters, Va. Tech., Computer Tech Prof., W-S State
  • Dr. Carroll Reese, Un. Of Maryland, Heart Research Doctor, Baltimore, MD.
  • Ms. Amy Wiggins, Chowan Un., Director of Admissions, RCC
  • Dr. Johnnie Sessoms, Campbell Un., Pharmacist, Drug Co., Ahoskie
  • Mr. Jeffrey James, NC A & T., Electrical Engineer, General Electric
    Corp., S. C.
  • Ms. Betina Pope, NCSU, English Teacher, Raleigh, NC, Public Schools
  • Mr. Chengee White, Computer Sys. Mgr., US Census Bureau, Wash., DC
  • Ms. Betty Liverman, ECU,.Elon Un., Principal, Northampton (NC) Public Schools
  • Mr. Michael Chamblee, ECSU, Case Counselor, Federal Prison System
  • Ms. Joan Lee, NCSU, Pulp & Paper Tech., General Paper Co., York, Pa.
  • Dr. Gerri Brown, Texas Un, Director, Federal Programs, Cen. Carolina CC
  • Dr. Pamela Sparks, N. Y. Medical College, Foot Surgeon, Syracuse, N. Y.
  • Dr. Sheba Robinson, NC State Un. Veterinary Med., Vet. Dr., Raleigh, NC
  • Ms. Katrina Deloatch, UNC-Charlotte, Sr. V-P for Bu. Support, Bank of Am., Charlotte
  • Mrs. Sonya Whitaker, NC Central Un., Attorney, Rocky Mount, NC
  • Issac Smith, ECSU & Howard Un., Social Worker, Washington, DC
  • Elvis Harrell, East Carolina, Manager, Eastern US Credit Div., Ford Motor Co

Program Staff

Director – Frank Stephenson

Counselor – Hazel Pierce

Tracking Counselor – Julie West

Admin. Asst – Barbara Mulder

Records Manager - Jean Mulder

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