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Adult Degree Completion Program

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Adult Degree Completion Program:
Adult Student Testimonials

All I can say to Chowan is thank you. I am so excited to have the opportunity to finish my four year degree. I love the convenience of staying close to home because the classes offered at HCC are only a few minutes from my workplace. The staff at Chowan has gone above and beyond their call of duty and I want to thank all of you! - April W. Rozier

The Chowan University ADCP came around at just the right time for me. I was looking to further my education and I just couldn't find a college that was conveniently located with the type of degree that I wanted. It is a wonderful program. The professors are very helpful and I love the personal attention that each of us receive. - Shanna Jones

The ADCP is very challenging to say the least. Trying to manage a home, children, work and school will take its toll. The staff at Chowan University has gone above and beyond to ease some of the stress that comes with this endeavor, and I look forward to receiving a second diploma from Chowan University (even if it is 20 years after the first!) - Polly Ricks

Chowan University's ADCP is extremely convenient for my work schedule. They offer equal instruction from the same professors that teach on campus. The staff involved is driven to guarantee the students' success. They stress personal attention and offer several workshops that compliment the program to ensure participants are able to achieve their goals. - Amy Guy

The ADCP allows me to complete my degree without having to commute. It is convenient and affordable. The staff is understandable and flexible which enhances the learning experience. Overall, I feel that the program is helping me to accomplish my goal of completing my degree which was started many years ago. Thanks, Chowan! - Maxine Sykes-Job

There have been lots of other adult degree programs that have come along, and some I have even applied to, but for some reason or another it never worked out. I so believe that this is the place where God wants me to complete my education, and that is why it has all been so smooth. My professors are terrific, and I never leave class the same way I walked in. My classmates are great! I'm not being paid to say any of this, THIS PROGRAM HAS BEEN A BLESSING FOR ME!!!!!

I'm already looking forward to graduate school! And Dr. Peterson will make sure that we are ready for it! - Cymie L. Terry-Rawlins

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