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Chowan Alerts

For emergency alerts and information, see the link below.

>Chowan Alerts

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Interested in attending Chowan? Visit these related links:

>Future Freshmen
>Adult Degree Completion
>Campus Visitation

class information

Stay current on CU Academics:

>Academic Catalog 2014-2015
>Academic Calendar 2014-2015

>Spring Exam Schedule 2015
>Perspectives - Spring 2015
>Academic Affairs Newsletter
>Student Achievement


Chowan Critical Thinking Program; elements, standards, disposition:

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Campus Resources: Overview

Chowan University offers a wide range of special programs that can help our students achieve a high level of success, both academically and in their careers to come.

Research through the approximately 120,000 books and 17,000 periodicals in Whitaker Library. Check out over 2,500 CD's, 2000 LP's and over 1,000 musical scores from the Daniel Hall Music Media Center. Students in the Music Industry Program have access to the Department of Music Recording Studio. You can also listen to thousands of tracks through our online Naxos Music Library. Students can check all these out online without even getting out of bed.

Travel back in time through the rare and fragile exhibits in the McDowell Collection of Archives and Antiquities. Delve into the rich history of Southern Baptists with the Creech Collection of Baptist Materials. Read through the history of Chowan with the Whitaker Collection of Presidential Papers. Students can research anything they need without leaving campus.

Use the extensive teacher resources of the Instructional Materials Center. Get extra help with your studies through Whitaker Library's Tutoring Center or through the Learning Center in the School of Education. Find the professor you were looking for with the Faculty and Staff Directory. Pick your classes and prepare for registration with one click of a button on the Campus Web. Review class notes and updated syllabi on Blackboard. Check on your grades and graduation status with the Registrar's Office. Students can get answers to any questions they may have right here at Chowan or from halfway around the world.

You can even get cool new Chowan gear or supplies from the Campus Book Store, or even find that job you were hunting for at Human Resources. With all this and much, much more at your fingertips, students at Chowan University have all it takes to get the big job done right.quick and easy!

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