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Computer Policies

View these links regarding Chowan University Information Technology policies.

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>Chowan Computers & Data
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Campus Resources:
Information Technology

Computers are powerful tools for teaching and learning.
Today's information technology offers students and faculty the power to explore, question and research every imaginable topic. The University's long-term and substantial commitment to technology allows faculty to share their teaching resources and interact with students 24 hours a day.

Technology also allows students to easily communicate with other students, faculty and staff, and the world outside the University. Via a powerful connection to the Internet and World Wide Web, students are interacting with prospective graduate schools and employers and discovering much more about their prospective career avenues.

Students have access to numerous powerful multimedia capable machines housed in labs across campus, as well as network connections in each residence hall. These connections help ensure that every student has the full range of information technology, including Internet access, available at his or her fingertips 24 hours a day.




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