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Student Affairs: Clubs & Organizations

Student Clubs and Organizations

There’s a lot more to college than just sitting in class.
College is a once in a lifetime experience, and you are not going to run out of things you can do at Chowan University.

You are encouraged to get involved with clubs and organizations on campus. Whether you are acting with the Chowan Players, implementing new policy for the Student Government Association, or leading your team to an Intramural Championship, there are plenty of things to do at Chowan University.

Lead the student body as an officer in student government.
The Student Government Association (SGA) gives you the opportunity to run for office and get involved with the governmental process and learn more about public administration and policy. Student government at Chowan University gives you the opportunity to make a difference.

Get involved with Campus Ministries.
You can grow in your Christian faith at Chowan University. Here a few ways you can be a part of Campus Ministries:

  • Instruments of Praise Gospel Choir
  • Spring Break Mission Trips
  • Habitat for Humanity Service Projects
  • International Mission Trips (Africa)

At Chowan University, you can become a Christian leader and grow in your faith.

Show off your talent and perform.
There are plenty of opportunities for you to dance, act, and perform at Chowan University:

  • Act on stage with the Chowan Players
  • Dance with Code Blue or the step team, Rho Omega Psi
  • Sing with the Chowan Singers and the Chowan Chorus
  • Play for the University Band, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, and the Meherrin Chamber Orchestra

You can be a part of the fine arts community at Chowan University.

Live what you learn in the classroom.
Every academic department has their own club, where you can participate in their majors in an entirely different way than in the normal classroom setting. Here are the academic clubs at Chowan University:

  • Artisus Graphic Design Club
  • History Club
  • Science Club
  • Psychology Club
  • SSPE Club
  • SNCAE (Students of North Carolina Association for Educators)
  • Phi Beta Lambda Business Club
  • Criminal Justice Club
  • MACC (Media and Communications Club)
  • Science Club
  • Creative Juices and the Creative Writing Club

Get social. Have fun at Chowan University.
The Campus Programming Board (CPB) puts on game shows, movie nights, game nights, and more. Best of all, you can go to these events for FREE!

Enjoying college with friends can produce some of the best moments you will ever have. Here are some of the clubs to join just for fun:

  • Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority
  • Anime Club
  • Delta Sigma Theta Sorority
  • International Students Club

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