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Student Affairs: Food Services

Chowan University has partnered with Pioneer College Caterers for all its on-campus food service and catering needs. Pioneer College Caterers is the only contract management company serving exclusively Christian colleges and universities nationwide.

Committed to client satisfaction over corporate growth, the “Pioneer Spirit” maintains the highest standards in food programs, client partnerships, and personalized service. Pioneer College Caterers embody the mission and values consistent with Chowan University. We are proud to partner with them to provide nutritious, delicious, and affordable meals for our students and guests.

For additional information regarding Food Services at Chowan University, contact John Kennedy, Food Service Director at (252) 398-1231.


Would you like to surprise your child with a special treat that sends
your love?

Give your student a tasty treat or some money to spend at Murf’s Place. You can choose from a birthday cake, fresh baked cookies, a half pound cookie, the survival pack, whole fresh fruit, or a treat of the month. Click here for details.

Nutritional Awareness Program

We put a strong emphasis on the nutritional content of the foods
we serve
- especially on fat gram content. To assist you in determining nutritional information, our "A Matter of Choice" fat-gram brochures are available to each of you at no cost. These brochures are excellent guides for detailed information about the variety of foods we serve.

Our "A Matter of Choice" Newsletters, and the Nutri-Notes table tents serve as interesting reminders about new facets of diet, and wellness. These nutritional and wellness 'factoids' are a very visible part of our program, and serve to keep our diners aware of these issues.

One of the most exciting resources we provide is the "Ask our Dietitian" feature on our website. We have a registered dietitian available to answer any questions you may have about diet, nutrition and eating disorders. All communication with our dietitian is considered confidential and will receive her immediate attention.

If you have a nutritional concern, please contact our dietitian or our Food Service Director, John Kennedy, at (252) 398-1231. Your health is important to us.  

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