Student Achievement

Chowan University evaluates the achievement of its students in relation to its mission:

“The University provides the environment for students to become learners who possess the skills, knowledge, creativity, and ethical values necessary to survive and flourish in a rapidly changing, culturally diverse, global society. The University fulfills its mission with a careful blend of both liberal arts programs and professional programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Recognizing that such a blend of knowledge and experience is particularly suited to the needs of contemporary society, Chowan emphasizes the need to connect general education with specialized education, theoretical learning with practical learning, and intellectual skills with career skills in all areas of study. Graduate studies will enhance practical learning, intellectual skills, and career skills beyond the undergraduate program.”

In achieving its mission, Chowan is committed to serving average students. By “average,” the institution means students with a GPA from 2.25 to 3.25 and “average” SAT scores (around 850 for the two-part SAT). However, the university accepts students below these criteria if they show a commitment to the Chowan University experience and academic potential.

Goal 1 – 80% Course Completion Rate by Academic Year

2017-2018 - 76.2%
2018-2019 - 86.4%
2019-2020 - 86.3%

Goal 2 – 30% Graduation Rate (six years) by Cohort 

2012 - 28.6%
2013 - 27.2%
2014 - 31.5%

Goal 3 – 55% Retention Rate by Academic year
(first-to-second year of first-time, full-time  degree-seeking students)

2016-2017 - 46%
2017-2018 - 55%
2018-2019 - 56%

Goal 4 – 60% Combined Employment and Gradate/Professional School Placement Rate
(just prior to graduation)

In an exit survey, graduating seniors were asked the following question: What are your plans for the fall?  

2017 - Accepted to Graduate/Professional School 21.2% - Accepted Position 41.2% - Total 62.4%
2018 - Accepted to Graduate/Professional School 20.6% - Accepted Position 40.9% - Total 61.5%
2019 - Accepted to Graduate/Professional School 20.4%  - Accepted Position 43.5% - Total 63.9%

Goal 5 – 85% Combined Employment and Gradate/Professional School Placement Rate
(six months after graduation)

Graduates, who were surveyed six months after graduation, were asked the following question: Is your current position related to your field of study or are you currently attending graduate or professional school? 

2017 - 84.6%
2018 - 84.9%
2019 - 89.3%