Academic Affairs

Welcome to Academic Affairs

Chowan University is committed to the liberal arts as the best preparation students can have for meaningful lives. Also, the University offers a variety of academic programs in career-oriented fields such as teacher education and criminal justice. All of the programs at Chowan University are evaluated periodically by accrediting agencies to ensure that quality standards are maintained.

The undergraduate baccalaureate programs are designed to help students gain maximum benefit by providing a balanced curriculum in general studies, a major field, minor field(s) and selected electives. Students are encouraged to learn to think critically, to communicate ideas orally, in written form and through computers, and to live worthy lives. In addition to courses in languages, history, religion and culture, upper-level courses provide opportunities for preparation in areas of special interest and in professional and career-oriented fields. To meet individual needs the academic programs include independent study and career internships.

The University has a graduate school offering master's degrees. Classes are scheduled in the evenings and summers to accommodate the needs of adult students. The first graduate program is a Master in Education in elementary education.

Complementing the academic programs at Chowan University is a comprehensive student life program with many activities designed to help students develop their personalities, enjoy the university experience, and make lifelong friends.

To view our full list of degrees and major fields of study in our Academic Catalog, click here

Provosts and Deans

Ella Benson, EdD
Dean, Accessibility Services
John J. Dilustro PhD
Associate Provost, Dean of the School of Graduate Studies
Danny Moore, PhD
Jennifer Zak Place, PhD
Dean, School of Arts & Sciences
Hunter Taylor, DBA
Dean of the School of Business & Design
Brenda Tinkham, EdD
Associate Provost for External Relations, Dean, School of Education and Professional Studies

Instructional Designer

Jonathan D'Souza
Instructional Designer