Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics serves all Chowan students by providing high quality academic programs in mathematics. Interaction with faculty members through classroom, and research experiences prepares students for being productive members of society. Students are well prepared to continue on for graduate degrees, enter professional programs, or find suitable employment.

Welcome to Mathematics

From Linear to Modern Algebra, Calculus, Numerical Analysis and Theory, Differential Equations, and Discrete Mathematics to Probability and Statistics, students have the chance to cover a broad spectrum of introductory and complex courses. That way, you will be equipped to understand the concepts, processes, symbolism, and applications of mathematics to help you solve any number of problems you might encounter.

Chowan University offers students with an interest in Math the following degree options:

Mathematics (9-12) Education, BS
Mathematics, BA
Mathematics, BS
Mathematics Minor

Studying mathematics at Chowan University will give you a renewed appreciation for the cultural significance and beauty of mathematics among professors who know you well and encourage your academic success. Further, your career options are nearly limitless! Imagine chasing down massive storm systems as a TV meteorologist. Imagine tracking million dollar corporate criminals as an IRS agent. Imagine researching earth-threatening asteroids as a NASA astronomer. Imagine getting paid to watch your favorite sports teams as the official statistician. Imagine building bridges or circuits or computers as an engineer. Imagine shaping and molding other young mathematicians as a high school math teacher.

Whether you wish to teach or have STEM applications in mind for your career, as a Mathematics major, you can connect your classroom knowledge with real world experience when you study among your peers and our outstanding faculty. Additionally, the Mathematics Club offers students additional educational, service, and fellowship opportunities.

2020 NC Northeast Regional Mathematics Contest

The Department of Mathematics of Chowan University invites you and your students to participate in our 34th Regional Mathematics Contest


Mukta B. Bhandari, PhD
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Thomas H. Whitaker, PhD
Chair, Professor of Mathematics; Director of the Honors College