Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology has a mission to facilitate the understanding of the fundamentals of human behavior and experience, to teach the fundamentals of the scientific method, to develop a recognition of the diversity of behavior and to develop the ability to make informed judgments that strengthen our contribution to society.

“The psychology program at Chowan prepared me for graduate level work. I felt that I had an advantage over other graduate students thanks to my classroom experience at Chowan.” – Tonya Sinclair, M.F. T., Alumna 

"Chowan's Psychology Department has an expert faculty that prepares you for employment. In my work with at-risk adolescents, my employer was astonished by my knowledge of  human development  and clinical practice." - Richmond Owusu-ansah, B.S., Alumnus

"Attending  Chowan University and entering the  Psychology program were the best decisions I ever made. I was taught everything that I needed to know and more for my career. I am beyond thankful."   Bria Greene, B.S., Alumna

Welcome to Psychology

Chowan's Department of Psychology has several unique features that make it stand out from other undergraduate programs. We want you to find your passion. Recent Chowan University graduates with a B.S. in Psychology are employed in a variety of positions, including:
Behavioral Specialists and Mentors in schools
Case Managers in social services and prisons
Preschool Teachers in Head Start
Rehabilitation Counselor in therapeutic homes
Drug and Alcohol Treatment Providers 

A number of recent graduates have also been accepted into graduate programs, such as:
M.S. in Clinical Counseling
M.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy 
M.S.W. in Social Work
Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision

While our program includes a general foundation for all students, our wide variety of applied psychology electives allow students to gain a better sense of their particular area of interest. Students pursuing an Applied Psychology Concentration will focus most of their psychology electives on Applied Psychology courses. Applied Psychology electives include Basic Skills of the Helping Professions, Introduction to Counseling, Group Process, Alcohol/Drug Studies, Interpersonal and Family Dynamics, Positive Psychology, The Psychology of Human Strengths, and Introduction to Applied Behavioral Analysis. Students also have the opportunity to gain direct experience with conducting research, which can result in publications in academic journals and/or presentations at professional conferences.

We offer:

Psychology, AA
Psychology, BS
Psychology, Applied Psychology, BS

Chowan University also offers a Psychology Minor.

When you become part of the Chowan University Psychology Department, you will have a special place – a place to learn, to have fun, to grow emotionally & spiritually – a place to belong. The Psychology Department not only offers a strong foundational basis, but the curriculum also has a strong emphasis in applied skills and practice. You could also join the Psychology Club, which is open to all majors and minors. Activities include volunteering for charitable events (Red Cross Blood Drive, Relay for Life, and the local Food Bank). We also offer a Cyberbullying Research and Awareness Group, which is open to students of all majors who are interested in promoting cyberbullying awareness and/or gaining experience in research. Activities include planning and participating in cyberbullying events on campus and gathering and distributing information about cyberbullying. Students who achieve academic excellence may also be invited to join Psi Chi International Honor Society.

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Organizations & Honors

The Psychology Club offers all psychology majors and minors the opportunity to belong to a group of students with similar interests and goals. You will want to join immediately and participate in the activities. This is the first step toward Psi Chi membership and one way to demonstrate your interest and leadership in the Psychology department.

Psi Chi is the International Honor Society in Psychology, founded in 1929 to advance the science of psychology. Membership is open to graduate and undergraduate men and women who are making the study of psychology one of their major interests, and who meet the minimum qualifications. Psi Chi is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies and is an affiliate of the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Association for Psychological Science (APS).

The Psi Chi Constitution requires that undergraduate student applicants to the Chowan Chapter of Psi Chi:

  • Must be enrolled as a student at Chowan.
  • Must have established a GPA at Chowan.
  • Must be at least a second-semester sophomore.
  • Must be enrolled as a major or minor in a psychology program or a program psychological in nature that is equivalent to a psychology major.
  • Must have completed at least 9 semester hours in that discipline.
  • Must have an overall GPA that is in the top 35% of their class based on rankings within sophomore, junior, and senior classes (if the cut-off for the top 35% is below 3.00, the applicant must have an overall GPA of at least 3.00 on a 4-point scale).
  • Must have a psychology GPA that is at least 3.00 on a 4-point scale.

We encourage all our students to strive for lifetime membership in Psi Chi. It is not only an honor but is a valuable addition to your graduate school application and/or resume.


Shirley Alt, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychology
Ashley Doane, PhD
Chair, Associate Professor of Psychology
Jennifer Zak Place, PhD
Dean, School of Arts & Sciences and Associate Professor of Psychology