Department of Religion

The Department of Religion provides a high quality educational experience in the area of religion, embracing our Christian and Baptist Heritage and pursuing truth with academic integrity, academic freedom, and open dialogue, in order to prepare students for a wide range of careers.

Welcome to Religion & Philosophy

The Chowan University Department of Religion embraces the university’s history as a university founded by Baptists before the American Civil War. Thus, we are proud of our many majors and minors who enter seminary in order to prepare for Christian ministry. While we embrace our denominational heritage, we also seek to expand upon that heritage with a modern-day academic approach to the study of religion. This means that, because people of all backgrounds find religion a fascinating area of inquiry, any or no personal religious preference is welcome in our department. As such, some religion majors and minors may pursue careers in journalism, law, medicine, military service, and social work after graduation. We offer two degrees to students interested in majoring in religion.

Chowan University also offers a Religion Minor and a Missions Minor

With a major or minor in religious studies, you will learn to read texts closely, think critically, and write clearly. These skills, hallmarks of a liberal arts education, prepare students for diverse areas of future graduate study and/or professional careers. Whatever your motivation for the study of religion, we invite you to pull up a chair and join us at the table for lively discussions centered upon the major religious traditions of the world: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Confucianism.

The Department of Religion  offers many advantages. Students receive individual attention, as upper-level religion classes tend to have fewer than fifteen students. This allows students, like you, to build strong relationships with the professors and benefit from individual attention. Students also receive instruction from quality, highly trained faculty. All of our full-time professors hold a doctorate in their field of expertise.  

The Department of Religion integrates three kinds of learning: foundational education, in which students acquire knowledge and skills; transformational knowledge, which aids students in developing spiritually; and professional education, which helps students define a sense of calling or direction.

Whether you are interested in the academic study of Religion, pursuing additional graduate study in the future, looking to add ethical value to your professional career, or following God’s call to ministry, the Department of Religion and Philosophy will equip you with a classic liberal arts education to meet your goals.

Chowan Christian Service Association (CCSA)

The purpose of the Chowan Christian Service Association (CCSA) is to provide scholarship assistance to students preparing for full-time Christian vocational ministry.

Study Abroad

The Department of Religion also offers opportunities to study abroad. Through our extensive travel and study abroad programs, students can have first-hand knowledge of the Holy Lands, the paths of Paul, and other destinations of religious significance. Special scholarships are even available for these opportunities! 

The Department of Religion also offers missional engagement. Foundational studies in Christian missions and cross-cultural issues, as well as global mission projects provide the student with resources to engage her/his individual context on a multi-disciplinary level. Click here for more information on Chowan’s Missions minor and here for information on its mission projects. 

The Department of Religion is committed to affordability. Along with the university’s comprehensive scholarships program, we have made a commitment to providing financial assistance for students interested in pursuing ministry. 

Students who are interested in continuing their studies outside of the classroom often participate in the Chowan University Religion Club, which offers students additional educational, service, and fellowship opportunities. 


Study Abroad

The M. Elizabeth Harris International Travel Study Endowment was established to help students who want to study overseas.


Jill Azumah Awuni, MDiv, MBA
Assistant Professor of Religion
John Samuel Pond, Jr., DMin
Assistant Professor of Religion, Mission Studies
Keith A. Reich, PhD
Chair, Associate Professor of Religion