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"Technology has impacted every area of modern business. Every customer walks around with a cell phone that can quickly become a store right in their pocket.  In this program, students will learn to use this familiar technology to build systems to start, grow, manage, and market an E-business." - Hunter Taylor

A Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Concentration in E-Commerce prepares graduates for several jobs that are projected to grow over the next eight years. The Program combines elements of information systems, marketing, and management to equip the students with the skills they will need to be successful in E-Commerce.  The following table highlights the employment outlook for E-Commerce careers: 

Career Salary Growth Potential
Business Analyst

 $83,610 median annual wage

 14% growth through 2028

 Digital Marketing Manager

 $132,620 median annual wage*

 8% growth through 2028

 Management Consultant

 $83,610 median annual wage

 14% growth through 2028

 eCommerce Manager

 $124,229 average annual+

 5% growth through 2028

 Market Research Analyst

 $63,120 median annual wage

 20% growth through 2028

*The Bureau of Labor Statistics categorizes Digital marketing managers under its general umbrella of Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers.

+The Bureau of Labor Statistics categorizes eCommerce Managers under its general umbrella of Sales Manager


According to Statista,  there are 3.9 billion internet users worldwide.  E-commerce sales worldwide are expected to increase from 3.53 trillion to 6.532 billion through 2023, a projected increase of  85%.  Shopping on our phones, connecting with each other over social media, and browsing the web is an integral part of our daily lives.  Graduates of this program will apply the tools of technology to develop competitive business strategies to grow and maintain an online business.   Students will learn skills in marketing, management, and information systems that they can use to create an online business.  Even though the program focuses on online business, the material can easily be applied to traditional businesses as well. 

E-Commerce (Major) 
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