Department of Teacher Education

The mission of teacher preparation at Chowan University is to prepare committed professionals to provide quality instruction for all learners.

Welcome to the Department of Teacher Education

The Chowan University Department of Teacher Education is dedicated to graduate students who are effective, highly qualified teachers and who are equipped with instructional strategies and pedagogy capable of educating all learners in a continuously changing world. The strong core curriculum, along with professional and specialty area studies offered to pre-service teachers at Chowan University, provides prospective educators with knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary for working with diverse students and learning environments. Opportunities are provided for candidates to learn and assess theories and principles of best practices not only in the university setting but also in collaboration with classroom teachers and other professionals who guide them through practical application in real-world settings. 

The Department of Teacher Education offers the following degrees with licensure:

Elementary Education (K-6), BS 
English Education (9-12), BA 
Health and Physical Education (K-12), BS
Mathematics Education (9-12), BS
Music Education (K-12), BS
Social Studies Education (9-12), BS
Science Education (9-12), BS 

The department also offers an Education Studies, BS.

Chowan University's Department of Teacher Education produces esteemed teachers for elementary and secondary school careers year after year. All our students are committed to academic and teaching excellence, exemplified by the "Teacher of the Year" Awards they regularly receive.

Chowan produces teachers who believe in the worth and dignity of every student and who have the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to facilitate learning for all students in a diverse society. Chowan instills within these future teachers the professional belief system that all students can learn. Our commitment to this powerful belief is what distinguishes Chowan among the other teacher education schools.

Chowan realizes that you cannot teach every student in the same way, so we arm our graduates with a wide repertoire of teaching strategies and skills in order to reach them all.

Residency License

Chowan University’s Residency License is a fast-track cohort model designed to assist residency candidates in meeting residency licensure requirements.  Participants can complete coursework in as few as six courses with continuous enrollment.  To learn more about our program, please view our information packet or contact or 252-398-6371. 

Addtional Informaiton 

The Department of Teacher Education has a comprehensive logistical plan established in accordance with national and state standards in order to ensure the effectiveness of graduates. This conceptual framework identifies three focus areas for teacher education: knowledge, practice, and professionalism. Using the knowledge acquired in classrooms and in fieldwork, students of the Teacher Education Program will mold themselves into life-long learners and scholars who thrive in the pursuit of Knowledge and who can recognize their own areas of needed improvement and work to remedy them. Candidates will practice a variety of instructional and classroom management skills and master ways to enhance learning for all students through technology, differentiated lessons, and data using formative and summative assessments. Chowan University Candidates will demonstrate Professionalism through fair, respectful appreciation for diverse learners, reflect on ways to improve instruction, engage in professional opportunities, and collaborate with colleagues, students, parents, and community members.

All education majors must successfully complete the University and the Department of Teacher Education requirements and pass the Foundations of Reading Test and the Praxis II as required for North Carolina Teaching Licensure. All other content area education majors must take and pass Praxis II for their content area as required for North Carolina Teaching Licensure. All education majors must also take and pass edPTA as required for North Carolina Teaching Licensure.

Chowan University’s Teacher Education Programs is fully approved by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.



David Ballew, PhD
Social Studies Education Coordinator
Ella Benson, EdD
Dean of Accessibility Services
James Hammond, MEd
Health and Physical Education Coordinator
Brenda Tinkham, EdD
Dean, School of Education and Professional Studies, Professor of Education, Associate Provost for External Relations
Amy Wethington, PhD
Comprehensive Science Education Coordinator


Lynn Moore, MEd
Adjunct Instructor in Education
Teresa Dilustro
Adjunct Instructor in Education