Safe Reopening Student Affairs Guidelines

Safe Return Move-in Information

The timeline for move-in of residents will be expanded over a three days period and staggered for students depending upon where their on-campus space is located. Staggered move-in will support physical distancing guidelines and limit the density on floors and in buildings as well as allow time for COVID-19 testing. Please follow all University and CDC safe practice guidelines. 

Personal Safety Practices

Face Masks/Cloth Face Coverings:

Face masks or face coverings must be worn by all students residing in the residence halls when in the presence of others in the hallways, lounges, laundry rooms, recreational rooms, and in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. Appropriate use of face masks or coverings is critical in minimizing risks to others near you. Students could spread COVID-19 to others even if they do not feel sick. The mask or cloth face covering is not a substitute for social distancing. 

Chowan will provide each student, faculty, and staff member with two cloth washable masks to augment any masks you may bring from home.  We want to ensure all University patrons have a mask at their disposal to adhere to the face-covering mandates by the University and allow for general laundry upkeep to ensure the cleanliness of the masks.  We encourage students to bring their own masks to ensure comfort.  The masks to be provided by the University may not meet individual taste and comfort requirements. 

Public Spaces/Resources in the Residence Halls

Kitchens in the residence halls

  • The kitchens will remain open. Only 2 students at a time can utilize the kitchen.
  • Clear signage will be posted.
  • Daily cleaning by housekeeping staff. 
  • Residents are encouraged not to share dishes and utensils. 

Laundry rooms 

Staggered times for using laundry rooms. Even and odd floors will have specific time clearly labeled.

Cleaning after use:  clearly outline resident expectations and education; housekeeping staff will clean regularly.

The CDC provides recommended guidelines for doing laundry. Those guidelines advise using the warmest water possible, drying items completely, and washing only your own clothes. Face masks, towels and sheets should be washed frequently. Students are advised to bring an ample supply of cloth face coverings that can be used between laundry visits. Students will need to practice physical distancing even while doing laundry. Laundry schedules will need to be developed and maintained to maximize the use of the laundry facilities. 

Lobbies/Community Spaces

Reconfigure seating to allow for distancing (unused furniture will be removed)

 Signs will be posted that clearly state occupancy numbers allowed in shared spaces.

Common living areas in the traditional residence halls will be cleaned regularly by housekeeping staff.  

Vending Machines

If you choose to use a vending machine located on campus, please use the appropriate sanitizing procedures. When possible, hand sanitizer stations will be provided close to the vending machines. 

Hallways and Stairwells

Some of the hallways and stairwells are designated as one-way. Please observe the signs throughout campus and comply with them.       


Elevators have been designated for one person at a time. Appropriate signage will be posted which clearly states allowable occupancy.

Public Restrooms in Residence Halls

Housekeeping staff will clean twice a day.

Residence Life Programming/Intentional Conversations

This fall, RA’s will implement virtual programs for their residents. All in-person programs require approval with a limit on indoor/outdoor participation. RA’s will focus on one-on-one intentional conversations with their residents.  There will be no in-person residential hall programming requiring large groups. 

RA on Duty

RA’s will be required to wear a mask while on duty to protect themselves and promote social distancing.

RA’s will conduct once a month virtual meetings. 

Whites Crossing Suites/Apartments

Students in suites and apartments with shared bathrooms and/or living areas must follow university recommended cleaning guidelines and furniture/appliance usage. Personal bins and labeling are recommended. Cleaning instructions - resident students will be required to bring their own cleaning supplies to clean their own room and bathroom.

Sanitation Supplies

All residences will be cleaned and sanitized prior to students’ arrival. Once students are on campus, depending on the type of residence, bathrooms may be cleaned by Housekeeping staff or by student residents themselves. Students in suites, semi-suites, and apartment-style residences will be responsible for cleaning their kitchens and bathrooms following their use. Housekeeping staff will frequently clean high-touch surfaces in residence common areas, which include hallways, doorknobs, elevators, elevator buttons, light switches, handrails, stairwells, kitchens, lounges, bathrooms, and laundry rooms, in accordance with Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) guidelines.

Computer Labs    

  • Students will be required to wear a mask at all times in the lab.
  • Disinfectant and paper towels will be provided.  
  • Students can wipe down the chair and desk prior to use.  
  • Housekeeping staff will clean regularly.  

Residence Hall HVAC 

Each residence hall room has its own self-controlled unit. These units circulate air from the space only (and the outside). These units undergo thorough cleanings during the summer, and students can put in a maintenance requirest to have them cleaned as needed throughout the semester. 

Residence Life COVID-19 Policies

Guest Visitation Policy
No outside guests are allowed, only Chowan University students can visit each other in the residence halls and apartments. Parents and family members visiting their student on campus is only permitted during move-in and move-out periods. All CU students are required to sign-in with the desk assistant. Overnight guests are not permitted. Social distancing is expected throughout campus.

Desk Assistants
Will be required to wear a mask. (Belk, Dunn, Simons, and Parker) desk drawers will be supplied with disinfectant, paper towels, and hand-sanitizer so that desk assistants can disinfect the desk and chair prior to each shift. Desk Assistants will still be responsible for collecting ID from CU students visiting from other residence halls.

Room Changes/Consolidations 
Room changes will be handled on a case by case basis in extenuating situations. There will be no room consolidations. 

Resident Travel 
Students are encouraged to complete the online travel form when they are traveling outside the county, state and country. The nurse will have access to the form and will follow-up with students. This will be used for contact tracing if needed.  If a student tests positive for COVID-19, or if a health care provider tells a student that they are presumed positive, the student should notify the university by completing the self-reporting form. Any residential student required to quarantine is expected to do so at home or in designated, CU-provided housing. 

Housekeeping will increase cleaning throughout the day. Students will be educated/encouraged to clean their rooms more often.

Hand-sanitizing Stations
Stations will be available on every floor and in every main lobby, fitness center, and computer lab.

Room Inspections
Conducted once per month (September, October, and November).

Student Conduct (COVID-19 Guidelines Violations)  
The University has implemented a response to students not abiding by social distancing expectations and non-compliance with mask-wearing. Sanctions ranging from education to removal from campus. Intent is going to be important as a student temporarily forgetting a mask as they leave a private space will be different compared to an intentional gathering of people. 

Public Health Education for Resident Students

COVID-19 prevention messaging will be sent to students prior to moving in on campus, and continuing education will be provided for residents throughout the year.

Signage will include ongoing messages about handwashing/hygiene practices, distancing, face coverings, etc. 

Flu Season and COVID - there may be a larger number of students during the academic year who need to isolate due to flu and COVID-19.

If a student vacates a room and it is open, residence life will communicate with housekeeping about cleaning that space. 


Campus Ministry Programming

We will implement social distancing across our various programs (e.g. ministry chaplains, IOP, E3, bible study, community groups, MOG, Daughters, etc.)  by providing adequate resources and spacing to students, staff, and volunteers.

We will require all students, faculty, staff, and volunteers to wear masks when they participate in campus ministry programs. 

We will implement an education campaign across Campus Ministry programs (e.g. training sessions) and social media platforms. 

We will possibly not take mission trips for the 2020-2021 academic year. 

We will limit guests to campus out of respect for their safety and student safety. 


Student Life Programming

Will implement social distancing across our various programs by providing adequate resources and spacing to students and staff.

Will require that all students and staff wear a face mask/covering during all student life programs/events. 

Will continue to utilize online and social media-based student engagement programming opportunities.

Hold virtual group exercise classes and personal training sessions.

Student Serving Offices

We will adhere to the University and the state of North Carolina’s policies and protocols for social distancing. 

Require students/visitors to wear a face mask upon entering the office. If one is not present, students/visitors will be directed to return when they are able to meet compliance (and directed where to obtain a mask).

Have sanitizing stations present to encourage disinfecting prior to meeting with individuals. 

Limit the number of individuals allowed in the office to 2 people at a time (one for smaller offices).

Use the provided safety shields as a secondary protection measure. 

Encourage others to maintain proper social distancing habits, and lead by example. 

Sanitize as soon as possible after each office visit. 

Conduct virtual meetings when possible. Consider having extended virtual office hours.

Residence Life Business Hours

Only 2 students are allowed in the Penny Hall lobby at one time.

Students requesting to meet a Residence Life Staff member will be required to wear a mask. If the student does not have a mask, one will be provided. 

Non-emergencies: Students are required to schedule an appointment in advance.