Prospective Students

Chowan University is known for having “faith in your future.” Much more than a tagline, our goal is to provide an education that transforms ordinary students into extraordinary graduates. When you choose Chowan, you choose to live on our beautiful, diverse, supportive campus. You choose a place where you can thrive, confident that you are surrounded by faculty and staff that recognize your potential and genuinely care about your success. You choose opportunity. You choose family. You choose faith. You choose a vibrant future.

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Current Students

You are an integral part of the Chowan University community. Chowan's faculty, staff, and administrative offices and programs exist in order to assist you with various aspects of your university experience.  We serve you, with faith in your future.   

Much more than a tagline, our mission is to provide an education that transforms ordinary students into extraordinary graduates. We do this in good faith, trusting God in the person of Jesus Christ, with optimism for each student’s success. Our faculty come to Chowan to teach, advise, and engage you in the classroom, on the fields and courts of competition, and throughout extra-curricular activities. Faith in action underscores all that we do. It is not enough to teach you how or what to think; we teach you how to live with honor and conscience using your head, heart, and hands.

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Alumni and Friends

Chowan has experienced a true renaissance over the past decade and it’s all thanks to the generosity and support of our alumni and friends. These gifts, no matter the size, are incredibly powerful both collectively and individually. Your gifts transform – the lives of students, the face of the campus, and even our ability to shape the world.

When you have faith in Chowan, it only makes sense to join in. There are many ways to partner with us in creating an even brighter future. Whatever your interests, there is a way to connect your passion with the needs of our students, campus, or community. We invite you to explore the many opportunities to make a gift and spread the spirit of Chowan.

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