Honors College Awards 2020

The Honors College held its annual awards program on Thursday, November 19.

Honors College Faculty Award
The Honors College Faculty Award recognizes a faculty member for exceptional dedication to Honors College students through teaching, advising, and mentoring. This year's award is presented to Robbin Buller, Assistant Professor of Art.

Recognition of Honors College Student Association Executive Committee Members
Certificates of Appreciation are presented to members of the 2020-2021 Honors College Student Association Executive Committee. The Certificate reads: “This certificate of appreciation is presented with deep appreciation of devoted service and faithful leadership.”
President, Elizabeth R. Walker and Grace K. Arredondo
Vice President, Meredith B. Morgan
Secretary, Cierra A. Broughton
Public Relations Officer, Cachet A. Brown
Academic Programs Chair, Skadi D. Kylander and Rachel L. Van Buren
Service Projects Chair, Alexis P. Riddick
Social Activities Chair, Jason V. Jenkins and Jenna A. Grim
SGA Rep, Hailey J. Hudson
The Brown Lady Editorial Board, Alyssia N. Parker and Michael D. Futrell 

Outstanding Honors College Awards
The Outstanding Honors College Awards are presented to members of each class. The certificate reads: “The Outstanding Honors College Award is presented in recognition of academic achievement, service to the university, and contribution to the Honors College Program and Honors College Student Association.”

Outstanding Honors College Freshman Award
Rebekah Lucas
Cheyenne D. Ouellet

Outstanding Honors College Sophomore Award
Alec C. Jackson
Haleigh N. Reid
Andrew B. Simmons
Tayler D. Thomas-Tate
Rachel L. Van Buren  

Outstanding Honors College Junior Award

Jessica A. Gentry
Jenna A. Grim
Hailey J. Hudson  
Jason V. Jenkins
Brooklynne A. Johnson
Emily W. Kaissieh
Shaine Olmstead
Riley O. Maynard
Meredith B. Morgan  

Outstanding Honors College Senior Award
Grace K. Arredondo   
Cierra A. Broughton  
Cachet A. Brown
Tristan H. Council
Blaire A. Dillard
Michael D. Futrell 
Ryan N. Gallaccio
Kayla C. Gates
Jasmine E. Gibson
Sabrina M. Henderson
Sydney J. Henderson
Danielle L. Henry
Chris A. Hernandez
Skadi D. Kylander
Justin Lough
Keshara A. Matthews
Alyssia N. Parker
Alexis P. Riddick
Gabrielle M. Vines
Elizabeth R. Walker
Michaela J. Worthington

1848 Award
The 1848 Award recognizes an Honors College member who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to the mission and vision of the university.
Cachet Brown and Skadi Kylander

Veritas Lux Mea Award
The Veritas Lux Mea Award recognizes exceptional contribution to the success of the Honors College Student Association
Meredith Morgan

The Brown Lady Award
The Brown Lady Award recognizes an Honors College member who most embodies the spirit of pride and loyalty in the university.
Cierra Broughton and Michael Futrell

Student in Service Award
The Student in Service Award recognizes an Honors College member who has demonstrated exceptional motivation, innovation, and involvement in service to the university and the wider community.
Alexis Riddick

Honors College Scholar Award
The Honors College Scholar Award is given to a member in recognition of exemplary academic achievement.
Grace Arredondo and Elizabeth Walker

Recognition of Graduating Seniors
Graduating seniors are presented with a keychain. Chowan University and the Honors College Student Association are engraved on the chains. The candidates for graduation are:
Grace Arredondo               
LaTaiviya Bland
Cierra Broughton
Cachet Brow
Noah Cartwright
Tristan Council
Tiffany Cox       
Blaire Dillard                      
Greymi Fortunato
Ebony Fulmore
Michael Futrell
Ryan Gallaccio                    
Kayla Gates
Jasmine Gibson
Alajah Gray
Aryana Hedgepeth
Sabrina Henderson                     
Sydney Henderson                    
Danielle Henry                        
Chris Hernandez
Destiny James
Tashada Joseph
Justin Lough                        
Kerrin Mailhot
Keshara Matthews
Ross Miller
Alyssia Parker                       
Alexis Riddick
Emily Trueman                      
Gabrielle Vines
Elizabeth Walker                       
Harley Williams                     
T'Nia Williams     

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