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Rules & Policies

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While we will carefully review and consider all photos, not all photos will be used on the website. These photos may be posted in several locations, including but not limited to social media, marketing materials, and the Chowan University website. 

Please follow these guidelines when uploading photos:

  • By uploading a photo, you give Chowan University permission to publish your photo on Chowan's website, social media or any publication Chowan University deems appropriate.
  • Carefully consider whether your photo is appropriate for a website at a Christian university.
  • Write a description for your photo that accurately describes the activity photographed.  You can provide as much as you'd like here as we can edit down the caption and post more on the page itself.
  • Provide photos that are at least 300 pixels tall. We may need to crop some photos. 

By uploading this photo you agree to the rules and policies listed above.


Please include a description of the photo, names of the people in the photo, location/event of the photo, etc.
What's your Instagram name, Facebook profile, etc?
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png avi mov ogg wav.