NC Residency Determination

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Beginning on December 5, 2016, the NC Residency Determination will no longer be made by Chowan, instead, will be made by the State through its Residency Determination Service (RDS) website (

North Carolina residency must be determined via RDS before any financial aid from the state can be considered.

Below is general information about RDS that may prove helpful. 

What is the North Carolina Residency Determination Service (RDS)?

RDS is new to North Carolina and provides residency determinations in accordance with North Carolina residency laws and applicable federal statutes for the purposes of in-state tuition and state financial aid.

RDS provides a convenient and intuitive process to claim and document NC residency.
RDS allows the use of one residency determination for admissions applications to multiple NC colleges and universities and to demonstrate residency eligibility for state grant purposes.

What should the student expect when using RDS?

For many students, the residency classification process is simple.  If the student was born in North Carolina and has lived in the State all his/her life, the student will probably be one of many students who are classified as North Carolina residents.  If the student now lives in, recently lived in, or still have strong ties to another state, RDS may require more in-depth information or documentation.  Any information the student provides will be validated against federal and North Carolina state agency databases. 


1. Go to, select "Complete Residency Determination"

2. The student must use CFNC login to access RDS; if the student does not have a CFNC login, a new account and login must be created at This account login will be the same as a CFNC login. There is no separate login for RDS.

3. Start the application by selecting "Complete Residency Determination" button.

4. Answer the questions as needed.

5. It may be helpful to have the following items when completing the RDS:

Drivers License # with date of issue and expiration for student and parents
Tax Returns and W-2’s for student and parents
Vehicle Tax record (tag # and year) – see your county website or registration card
Voter Registration Information  for student and parent – can be found at NC Voter Info

6. Upon completion, you may be required to upload certain documents for further evaluation. You will be given a deadline to submit materials.


Application Deadline:
July 15 for fall enrollment
December 1 for spring enrollment 
NC RDS applications completed after this date are subject to determination for funding. 
Applications completed after 30 days of the start of the semester will not be eligible for funding until the next semester.