General Information

The Chowan University Writing Center provides a quiet, supportive and resourceful environment for all students in any major to get help with their papers at any stage of writing process. The Writing Center staff and peer tutors are available to help students develop topics, strengthen arguments, structure paragraphs, understand grammar errors, and organize writing for clarity and effectiveness through revision in an informal, one-on-one setting. Students may also use the Writing Center as a comfortable place to plan, think and write their papers.

The Writing Center tutors read students’ papers in progress and give constructive feedback about the thesis statement, organization, paragraphs, arguments and documentation to improve on drafts. It provides a comfortable and friendly zone for students who can share their personal concerns about writing and get help right from the beginning of the semester.

Visit the Writing Center for one-on-one tutoring and writing workshops.

The Writing Center will help students at any stage of writing:

Generating ideas
Structuring arguments
Revising drafts
Designing methods and documentations

Professors may also recommend or require their students to go to the Writing Center for help on specific assignments. The tutor will work with the professors and send them regular messages about whether the student has kept appointments and what tasks were completed during the meetings.

Writing Center Information

Robert Marks Hall, Room 118
Phone: (252) 398-6321

Monday - Thursday 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Friday 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

One-on-One Tutoring

You can get help at any stage of your writing, ranging from brainstorming your topic and organizing ideas to revising and proofreading your papers before submission. We have a very supportive staff and a team of tutors to help you.

What to bring:

Syllabus, instructions for your assignment, and any handouts your instructor gave you to help you with the assignment
Two hard copies of your paper, or one hard copy and your laptop. If your paper and instructions have been emailed to your tutor, bring only one hard copy or your laptop
Points you would like to discuss in the meeting

To schedule your appointment, follow these steps:

Log in into Grades First
Click the My Calendar tab
Click Schedule a Tutor Appointment
Select your tutor where it shows Writing Center
Click Save Appointment
Record the date in your planner and meet with your tutor

Make an Appointment

Making an appointment via GradesFirst prior to coming to the Writing Center helps your tutor know what to expect; it is highly recommended. However, you can always walk in and wait for the next available tutor.

Writing Workshops

The Writing Center offers workshops in Organization, Grammar and Research documentation areas to target the needs of the students who have papers in progress. The workshops are conducted in Robert Marks Hall, Room 313 from 4:00 PM to 4:30 PM. Click below to register for the workshops that meet your interest and time. Walk-ins are welcome on a first come first served basis.

ESL: The Writing Center offers help to students who are not native speakers of English. Talk to your tutor about your writing needs and learn the conventions of academic writing. We can help you in your ESL issues. 

Writing Center Workshops for 2013
Location: Robert Marks Hall, Room 313 
Times: 4:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Improve your writing with a specialized Writing Workshop. Click on the hyperlinks to the right to register! (???? These were from 2013?!)

Available Workshops

Workshop availability will be published in the fall. 


Do I always have to make an appointment?
Making an appointment prior to coming to the Writing Center helps your tutor know what to expect; it is highly recommended. However, you can always walk in and wait for the next available tutor.

What do I need to bring to the Writing Center?
Make sure you have the following:

  • Syllabus, instructions for the particular assignment, and any handouts your instructor has given you to help you with the assignment.
  • Two hard copies of your paper or one hard copy and your laptop. If your paper and instructions have been emailed to me, bring only one hard copy or your laptop.
  • Your goals of the session and other points you would like to discuss.

Does my work have to be finished when I come to the meeting? 
No; you may visit the Writing Center at any stage of your writing; it could be as early as at the brainstorming stage.

What if I can't keep an appointment?
If you know you can’t keep an appointment for some reason, call us as soon as possible at (252) 398-6262 to reschedule or cancel your appointment.

May I just drop my paper by or email it for feedback?
No, you must be physically present with the tutor.

Will the tutor write any part of my paper?
No, your tutor will only make suggestions, and will not write for you. Bring questions to discuss on your title, thesis, structure and argument. 

Will following the tutor's suggestions guarantee me an A?
No, a tutor's suggestions can only help to improve your writing; it cannot necessarily guarantee an A. Writing is a process and you can always make further improvements in it until the last minute.

How can I apply for a tutoring position at the Writing Center?
All tutors in the Writing Center are Chowan students, who have completed a training that the center provides. All students who have successfully completed English 101 and 102 are invited to apply for a position with two letters of recommendations, resume, a cover letter and a writing sample. For more information, contact Kerri Albertson, Director, at (252) 398-6262 or see him in Robert Marks Hall, Room 105.

Writing Center Feedback

Please offer your comments or suggestions on how we can improve your Writing Center experience by emailing


Kerri Albertson
Writing Center Coordinator