Edward Snyder

Chair, Department of History
Associate Professor of History

Contact Information

(252) 398-6254


  • PhD, History, University of Minnesota
  • MA, History, University of Minnesota
  • BA, History, German, Canisius College

Courses Taught

  • Discovering the World
  • Modern Europe
  • History of the Reformation
  • History of the Crusades
  • History of the Holocaust
  • Nazi Germany

Academic & Scholarly Achievements

  • Grants
    German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Research Grant
    Central European History Society, Summer Research Grant
    Fulbright Research Fellowship, University of Bielefeld (Germany)

    “Friedrich von Bodelschwingh and the Vagabond Question: A Trancontinental Examination of German Protestant Attitudes towards Poverty and Deviancy, 1880-1933,” At the Margins of the Welfare State: Changing Patterns of Including and Excluding the Deviant Poor in Europe 1870-1933, eds. Beate Althammer, Andreas Gestrich, Jens Gründler (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014).

    “Eugenics and Conservative Social Policy in the Weimar Republic,” The German Right in the Weimar Republic:  Studies in the History of German Conservatism, Nationalism, and Antisemitism from 1918 to 1933, ed. Larry Jones (Berghan Press, 2014).

    Bruckmüller, Ernst, ed.  Armut und Reichtum in der Geschichte Österreichs.  Munich: R. Oldenbourg Verlag, 2010. Austrian History Yearbook 45 (Spring, 2014).

    Heim, Susanne, Carola Sachse, and Mark Walker, eds. The Kaiser Wilhelm Society under National Socialism. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009.  Austrian History Yearbook 43 (Spring, 2012).

    “A Hollywood Take on the German Resistance.” Film Review of Valkyrie, Director Bryan Singer. H-German Reviews (October, 2009).

    “Regional Patriotism and Resistance:  The Case of Friedl Volgger.”  Review of Widerstand hinter dem Stacheldraht: Der Südtiroler Friedl Volgger als “Schutzhaftgefangener Nr. 66166'' im Konzentrationslager Dachau, by Hans-Gunther Richardi. H-German Reviews (April, 2009).

    “A Novel Approach to History.” Review of Hammerstein oder der Eigensinn:  Eine deutsche Geschichte, by Hans Magnus Enzensberger. H-German Reviews (April, 2009).

     “Joachim Kuhn: A Tragic Hero.” Review of Stauffenbergs Freund: Die tragische Geschichte des Widerstandskämpfers Joachim Kuhn, by Peter Hoffman. H-German Reviews (February, 2008).

    “The July 1944 Conspiracy, Sixty Years Later.” Review of Der 20. Juli 1944: Eine Replik, by Manfred Zeidler. H-German Reviews (February, 2008).

    Selected Conferences
    “Working Toward The Nation:  The Bethel Mission to East Africa and Protestant Social Welfare, 1890-1933” American Historical Association, 128th Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C. (January, 2014).

    “Working Toward the Nation: Friedrich von Bodelschwingh, Arbeitserziehung, and  German National Identity in East Africa, 1890-1918” German Studies Association, 34th Annual Conference, Louisville, KY (October, 2011).

    “Friedrich von Bodelschwingh and the Vagabond Question: A Transnational Examination of German Protestant Attitudes Towards Poverty and Deviancy,1880-1923”  “At the Margins of the Welfare State. Changing Patterns of    including and excluding the »deviant« poor in Europe 1870-1933” jointly organized by the German Historical Institute London and the Collaborative Research Centre “Strangers and Poor People. Changing Patterns of Inclusion and Exclusion from Classical Antiquity to the Present Day” at Trier University, London (February, 2010).

    “Work instead of Alms:” A Transnational Look at Protestant Social Work and the shaping of German National Identity, 1870-1914” German Studies Association, 32nd Annual Conference, Washington, D.C., (October, 2009).

    “The Bethel Mission to East Africa and the Development of Protestant Social Welfare:1890-1923” German Studies Association, 31st Annual Conference, St. Paul, MN (October, 2008).

     “Arbeit statt Almosen: die transnationale Entwicklung protestantischer Sozialwohlfahrt, 1860-1923“ Normen & Devianzen: 3. Internationale Doktorandenkonferenz der vom DAAD gefördertenZentren für Deutschland- und Europastudien, Centre interdisciplinaire d’études et de recherches sur l’Allemagne, Paris (2.-5. July, 2008).