Erricka Scarborough

Admissions Counselor

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Chowan made me realize what my true passion was, which is being able to help others. Chowan no longer is just my University but it is my home!

Advice from Erricka: This is a stepping stool to get to your dreams work hard, study what you love, and this will be some of the best years of your life. Also, remember to always keep God first in everything you do and you will never fail!

Favorite spot on campus: My favorite spot on campus would be the swings. I have so many memories there every time I was happy, sad, or needed a breath I would go out to the swings under the tree. 

Favorite college memory: Getting recognized at my residence life banquet as the most positive person who brought everyone in the office a smile to their face.  

Favorite Chowan memory: My favorite Chowan memory would be me ringing the bell two days before I graduated. It was an amazing feeling to see all my professors lined up on the side ready to shake my hand and congratulate me. 


  • BS, Psychology, Chowan University