Gavin Harrison

Admissions Counselor

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"I strongly believe education pushes individuals to achieve their true potential and I joined the Chowan University Admissions team specifically for this reason. Chowan University provides an opportunity for greatness unlike any other. I hope you will join us soon to see for yourself."

Advice from Gavin: Finding balance in life is a crucial, often challenging step in becoming a responsible and happy individual. The same goes for your college years. Make sure you learn to balance your academic, social and emotional life early on.

Favorite spot on campus: My favorite spot on campus is actually the cafeteria! To me, the cafeteria represents everything Chowan stands for as you can quickly spot university faculty and staff right alongside students and the general public. We look for any opportunity to get to know our students better!

Favorite college memory: One night, my three closest friends and I were all doing last minute studying for various exams. We took a break, left the library and laid in the grass, watching the stars and having rather deep conversations. We later went back to work after grabbing some much-needed food, but that cliche college moment was certainly my favorite.

Favorite Chowan memory: Stay tuned on this one! I just recently began my story here at Chowan, but so far it is simply getting to know all the genuine faculty, staff and students!



  • BS, Biology, North Carolina State University