Jennifer Newhouse

Chair, Department of English
Assistant Professor of Creative Writing

Contact Information

(252) 398-6255

Chowan University orients students to the academic and professional world without losing sight of individual purpose and vocation. What excites me as a creative writing professor at Chowan is that students have the opportunity not only to tell their story but also to revise it. Students learn that beginnings and endings can evolve in new and surprising ways, and that truth can rise out of a seemingly ordinary tale. It’s magical to watch students realize that this applies to their lives too.




  • MFA, Creative Writing, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  • BA, Language and Literature, University of Virginia

Courses Taught

  • College Writing
  • Advanced College Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Fiction Writing Workshop
  • Creative Nonfiction Writing Workshop
  • Poetry Writing Workshop
  • Studies in Creative Writing
  • Directed Research
  • Capstone Course
  • Hobson Course

Academic & Scholarly Achievements

  • Poetry Publications

    Antigonish Review, “After Abandoned Wasp Nests” and “Janus” (2018)

    Antithesis, “Figurative Living” (2016)

    Appalachian Heritage, “Cemetery” (2016)

    Blue Lyra Review, “Perennial” and “Resupination” (2015)

    Blueline, “After Bohannon’s Article in Science” (2017)

    Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review, “Flicker” (2015)

    Café Review, “Plum Dandy” and “Ruse” (2015)

    Canary, “Driving Burleigh Road on Christmas Day” (2015)

    Carolina Quarterly, “Even in the Desert” and “The Commuter’s Wife” (2017)

    CARVE, “Portrait of a Woman” and blog interview (2017)

    Chattahoochee Review, “Habitat” (2016)

    Cimarron Review, “Mantra” (2017)

    Coal City Review, “Newlyweds” and “Evenings, Most Days” (2017)

    Cresset, “Berkenntis der Sunden” and “Week of Rain” (2014)

    Cumberland River Review, “Sorrow’s Springs” and “Swim Team,” (2016)

    DASH Literary Journal, “Sometimes when alone” (2013)

    EnergyVibe, “Carol” (2013)

    Eunoia Review, “Adolescence” and “Mirror” (2012)

    Fifth Annual Nazim Hickmet Chapbook, “Continuum,” “Kriplyana,” and “Lineage” (2013)

    Fifth Wednesday Journal, “-somnia” (2015)

    Foothill: A Journal of Poetry, “Voyeur Vespers” (2014)

    Gambler, “I am not cruel, only truthful” (2015)

    Hawaii Pacific Review, “Dwarf Planet, Forest Fires, Disney World” (2016)

    Ibbetson Street, “As You See It” (2016)

    Ironhorse Literary Review, “Celebrating Our Savior’s Birth” (2017)

    Lake Effect, “To Be Afraid” (2016)

    Lalitamba, “Pedigree” and “Sport” (2017)

    Minnesota Review, “Downtown” (2017)

    Nimrod International Journal of Prose and Poetry, “On Loving” (2015)

    Off the Coast, “Tic” (2014)

    Packingtown Review, “The Human Root” (2017)

    Poetry East, “Blackbirds,” “The Bathers of the Borromean Isles,” and “Confetti” (2018)

    Right Hand Pointing, “Crux and Crucible” (2015)

    Salamander, “Crossing” (2015)

    SAND, “Symmetry” (2015)

    Santa Clara Review, “Dollface” (2014)

    South Carolina Review, “Fable” (2017)

    Triquarterly, “Directive” (2014)

    WomanArts Quarterly, “Questions for God” (2012)

    Professional Memberships

    National Council of Teachers of English

    North Carolina Poetry Society

    Association of Writers and Writing Programs