Verification Forms

Students can log into their Net Partner account to upload documents. For instructions, watch this video:  

Once documents are uploaded they will appear as 'Not Reviewed'. This status indicates the Financial Aid Office will begin to process the forms that have been uploaded. 

2020-2021 Forms

2020-21 Annual Dependency Status Override Renewal
2020-21 Change in Financial Status Request 
2020-21 Consent to Release Information Form 
2020-21 Dependency Request 
2020-21 Dependent Support Worksheet 
2020-21 Marital Status Verification Form
2020-21 Parental Information Form
2020-21 Parent's Asset Form
2020-21 Student Asset Form

2020-21 Verification Worksheet V1 
2020-21 Verification Worksheet V4
2020-21 Verification Worksheet V5 
Form 4506T Request for W-2's
Forms 4506T Request for Tax Transcript

2020-21 Step by Step Instructions for IRS Data Retrieval Tool
Steps to Complete Stafford Entrance Counseling
Steps to Complete Stafford Master Promissory Note 

2020-21 FAFSA Signature Page



2019-2020 Forms

2019-2020 Step by Step Instructions for IRS Data Retrieval Tool

2019-2020 Annual Dependency Status Override Renew
2019-2020 Change in Financial Status Request
2019-2020 Dependency Request
2019-2020 Dependent Support Worksheet
2019-2020 Marital Status Verification Form

2019-2020 Parental Information Form
2019-2020 Verification Worksheet V1
2019-2020 Verification Worksheet V4
2019-2020 Verification Worksheet V5
2019-2020 Request for Non-Filer Letter (Please note that this is only for parents (and independent students) who did not file a 2017 Federal Tax Return) 
IRS 4506T - TRANSCRIPT Request
IRS 4506T - WAGE Request